FanFight Mobile Apps – Download Fantasy Cricket App to Win Cash

Since it’s inception Fantasy sports has been on the rise. This gives a clear indication on how willing users are to stick on to a sport and if an opportunity is provided to make money whilst following their favourite sports/sportsmen, that’s a temptation they won’t let go. India is a cricket crazy nation and has the most ardent cricket fans. Fantasy cricket is massive in India and to question its rise is an absolute no-brainer. FanFight has opened its account in style. Like one of those Virender Sehwag cover drives. Flamboyant, full of flair and classy. FanFight’s 6-man fantasy team concept has amused people immensely and it’s here to stay. Play Fantasy Cricket & Fantasy Football Online on FanFight and win cash daily.

With the advent of technology and the numerous applications available on our mobile devices for fantasy sports, life for a user becomes that much easier. Staying one touch away from the best fantasy sports application is a blessing. Most of us will agree to the fact that playing fantasy cricket and football on mobile devices is a better experience compared to laptops or desktops. Well, FanFight has that covered too. FanFight is available on both Android & iOS & in a very short span of time has gone on to become a user-favourite. Download Fantasy Cricket App and watch your favourite cricketers win points for you. Let’s take a brief look at how FanFight has made the most popular mobile platforms its own.

On Android, FanFight has made quite an impression. With over 1.4 million users and over a million downloads, the application has hit new highs. Creativity is the norm at FanFight. Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football hit a new dimension with the introduction of 6-man fantasy. The consistency at which it’s been able to function has made it an immediate hit. How does the application look on Android? Here’s how:

You can then select a fixture, create your best 6-man team, compete with other fantasy players and win cash daily. Yes! You can play fantasy cricket and fantasy football every day and win cash daily. Download FanFight Android App now & start winning.

FanFight application has hit the App stores as well. With over 10,000 registrations the app has been an instant hit. Install the application and start playing right away. You get Rs. 30 on joining and Rs. 70 on every referral. The process is the same. Pick a contest, create your fantasy team, compete with other fantasy players and start winning. It allows players to draft lineups, take part in free as well as paid contests, invite friends to private leagues, accept invitations to private leagues and so on. Your sports expertise/knowledge can help you have that extra edge over the other users. What are you waiting for? Download FanFight on your iOS devices, play daily fantasy cricket and win cash daily.

You can also register on FanFight through the web browser on desktops and laptops. Fantasy Sports will presumably reach the 100 million figure in a couple of years and FanFight will be a major contributor to that colossal number. Download FanFight iOS App and get going. Get the best experience of India’s finest Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football platform.

Fantasy sports like never before. Play fantasy cricket and play fantasy football daily for money. Daily fantasy cricket and fantasy football now only a touch away. Hurry!

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